Artist Statement  


I react to the mood of the day and the situations happening around me

by approaching the canvas.

I begin by making marks and watching where they go.
I choose colors that match how I feel.
I turn the canvas this way and that.
Until finally the marks alchemize to form a story.
And come to their own conclusion.

Please enjoy these abstract works.
See what they might say to you.


1. Surrounded by Love, Acrylic on Canvas, 3040

2. Airing out the Beach House, Acrylic on Canvas, 48x36

3. Sojourn Woman, Acrylic on Canvas, 24x30

4. No Looking Back. Acrylic on Canvas. 24x36

5. When a Face Appears. Acrylic on Canvas. 36x36

6. Pathway to Acceptance. Acrylic on Canvas. 48x36.

7. All is Calm; All is Bright. Mixed Media. 36x36